Trixta Roadmap

 Mid 2019

  • Run “closed” beta testing for Analytics. (join waitlist)

  • Launch Trixta Analytics: “Google Analytics for Smart contracts.”

  • Add Alerts, multiple contracts per graph and multi-chain support to Trixta Tracker.

Later this year

  • Launch visual builder for smart contracts

  • Integrate with multiple blockchain infrastructure providers

  • Add support for building smart contracts on new protocols

  • Add basic testing framework for integrations and security


  • Focus on advanced smart contract deployment & testing

  • Build out integration layers with oracles (other non-blockchain systems)

  • Add organizational mapping and public access to flows that adds to leveraging network effects

2021 & beyond…

  • Leverage our protocol—organizational mapping used as code architecture—to expand to other enterprise verticals outside of blockchains that empowers software in networked organizations and unleashes the future of the enterprise.