What is Trixta?

Trixta offers a Software Development suite of visual tools with little or no coding required.


Visually map the functional units in an organization with roles and actions.


Save, share and re-use flows inside and outside your organization.

Flow Editor

Build dynamic flows of steps to map out your business processes.

A paradigm shift in SaaS

Trixta provides organizations with a fundamentally new way to distribute, license, pay for, and use software.

What Trixta Enables...

Our platform and marketplace allows decentralized organizations to easily manage ‘on-demand’ teams, infrastructure and services.

A single interface for business & tech to develop

Our visual tools allow for different layers of complexity to map overarching processes or dive into step details.

Connect centralized to decentralized systems

Our Trixta protocol creates a standard way to map decentralized systems and engage with them as centralized ones, or vice-versa.

Enables new ways of working

Our Library enables you to easily re-use, share or license configurations while our Marketplace empowers you to allocate contextual tasks to a scalable workforce.

The Trixta Team


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