Smart Contract analytics.

Simply plug in your smart contract address & build custom charts to know what’s going on.

There’s a lot more going on under the hood.
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A new way to develop with blockchains.

  • Visual and traditional code IDE*

  • Build smart contracts from templates*

  • Custom Analytics dashboards (LIVE)

  • Alerts on contract activity*

  • Test & Audit code before deploying*

  • Connect real world API’s to blockchains*

  • Code in your Organization’s roles & functions

    *Coming soon. See our Roadmap for details


Deploy to many chains

While we currently work with Ethereum smart contracts, we will be adding support for EOS, Hyperledger and more, starting Q3 2019. We’re actively engaging with protocols to integrate both our analytics as well as explore opportunities with our visual smart contract builder. Contact us for more information.


The trixta edge

Our decentralized framework helps model any kind of business processes which are then used as the architecture for the code. This is a blend between a DAO and a code builder. It is highly unusual, but allows us to do things quickly that others can’t do at all…


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