Build, audit & analyze smart contracts


We’re launching a public beta in April 2019.
Join the waitlist to get early access!!


3 easy steps:

  1. Upload your contract ID

  2. Map the contract events

  3. Build custom dashboards



In the next few months we’ll be rolling out
a number of new features, including:

  • Alerts for thresholds and balances

  • Advanced graphs & filters

  • Visual contract code builder

  • Visual auditing of smart contracts

  • …and loads more.


Cross-chain support

While we currently work with any Ethereum smart contract, we will be supporting more platforms, starting with EOS in Q2 2019.

We’re also in talks with:


The trixta edge

At our core, we’ve built out a decentralised framework that helps model business processes and uses that as a code architecture. It’s highly unusual, but allows us to do things quickly that others can’t do at all.


a techstars company

a techstars company